Steel and Carbide Slitter Procedures

  1. Receive knife set and place in our grinding inventory.
  2. Remove knives from box and visually inspect for wear or damage in order to determine necessary stock removal.
  3. Empty or vacuum debris from box as needed.
  4. Wipe or stone face of knives clean as they are loaded onto the arbor to ensure they remain perpendicular to the wheel during the grinding process.
  5. Grind knives to customer specifications to obtain as many clean edges as possible.{We use a Diamond Wheel with Cimtech 100 coolant)
  6. Remove arbor from our machine, unload knives, and wipe dry with denatured alcohol.
  7. Hand inspect each knife and clearly mark any unusable edges to aid operators during set-up.
  8. Pack knives in customer's box and band or shrink wrap closed to protect knives during transportation to customer's facility.
Download printable versions here: Steel Slitters / Carbide Slitters
Carbide Pics