Rubber Spacer Procedures

  1. Receive rubber set and place in our grinding inventory.
  2. Remove rubber from box to clean debris and re-line box with plastic or craft paper.
  3. Clean and lubricate rubber with a mixture of Simple Green and water.
  4. Load rubber onto arbor and grind to customer specifications using a Leblond O.D. grinder and Rubber Hog, cooled mith a mixture of Cimtech 100 and water.
  5. Determine finish size by O.D. or wall thickness. O.D. thickness is checked with a micrometer and wall thickness is checked via calipers (Wall thickness x2 + Inner Diameter). Using both of these methods together allows us to determine if the I.D has been stretched.
  6. Hand inspect each rubber to ensure they are clean and then re-pack in customers box and cover with plastic to keep rubbers free of dirt.
Download a printable version here: Rubber Spacer Procedures
Rubber Pics